Recruitment together with Selsøe Juncker is a pleasure. Selsøe Juncker excels at understanding the demand of the customer, specifying qualifications of the candidate both on the technical and personal side, screening applications and picking the right candidates for interviews. Interviewing is one of Selsøe Junckers biggest strengths. They keep questioning until the topics are covered, and we have a clear picture of the candidate and the match with the position. I have done many recruitments together with Selsøe Juncker for all kind of positions, and I hope to be “blessed” with more opportunities of doing that, as I have seen the results of Selsøe Junckers work bringing a lot of value into my organization…..

– Mette Lynggaard, Biogen Idec
Director, LSM Manufacturing Hillerød

I have known Helle Selsøe – Selsøe Juncker – since 1998 and have used her a couple of times finding new employees for me – everytime with very good results. Helle works in very thorough way with attention to detail, delivers on time, and is very pleasant to work with. I have also had the pleasure to be the candidate in question at one time, giving me the opportunity to see Helle`s work from the candidate`s point of view, which was in no way less positive than seen from the employeers point of view….

– Steen Feldskov, Hamamatsu Photonics
Country Manager

We have chosen Selsøe Juncker for a team development process based on personal meetings with Helle and Anne-Mette and previous experiences with other suppliers. They made a very thorough personal analysis of our very young team and planned a process targeting our needs for developing a successful team. Through external and internal meeting, causes and activities we have achieved a much more matured team capable of working together in an ever changing and challenging work environment. Customer care and sales have been important new skills for us to learn and this is not easy with high skilled engineers and technicians. I can highly recommend Selsøe Juncker for any development process involving a technical team….

– Kennet Palm, SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut
Administrende direktør

For several years I have had the pleasure of working together with Anne-Mette Juncker and Helle Selsøe when recruiting specialists within software development – at times very demanding technical profiles with rare competencies. There are a number of positive elements in their way of handling the recruitment process, which is informative, well structured, and exhibiting a fine insight both technical and human. Helle and Anne-Mette are driven by personal commitment combined with clear and critical professional expertise, and they have consistently managed to present a few, eminently relevant and thoroughly selected candidates for the positions to be filled.
This has been of great value to us….

– Morten Pors Nielsen, Danware A/S
Development Manager

On several occasions we have, in connection with the expansion of our sales department, had the pleasure of working with Selsøe Juncker Aps. As always professional approach, and a thorough and detailed analysis of our requirements, has in every case resulted in a successful match. This  was most evident in connection with the recruitment of our ”Sales Engineer”( tradionally a challenge ) where Selsøe Juncker have proven their capabilities. The positive results, the daily
communication has been of great value….

– Claus Lønstrup Pedersen, Magnemag
General Sales Manager